We’ve run into another error with the latest Wordpress, version 2.5. This one occurs when trying to upload new images to a post using the new media features. The error “Specified file failed upload test” is displayed after clicking upload.

Hopefully the Wordpress developers will release an official fix for this, but here is what worked for us after we researched a few forum posts.

1. Add the code outlined in our previous post to your .htaccess file in the website root directory.

2. Make the corrections to 2 source code files as outlined at http://trac.wordpress.org/changeset/7573.

3. Make sure the image upload directory is set correctly in your Settings -> Miscellanous section and chmod the directory permissions to at least 755.

4. Clear your browser cache and try again.

This worked successfully for us. If anyone has different results or alternative solutions, please comment.

I’ve run into this error on several new Wordpress upgrades to version 2.5. I originally thought it might be a directory persmissions issue for uploading media or images, but that didn’t fix anything. After a bit of digging around on Google, I uncovered a fix that worked:

Add the following code to the .htaccess file in the /wp-admin/ directory. For me, the .htaccess file did not previously exist, so I just created it with only the following code:

<ifmodule mod_security.c>
SecFilterEngine Off

Hopefully that helps others having the same problem. If there are other fixes, please feel free to contribute them below.

Here’s the official word from TextPayMe:

TextPayMe service is now powered by Amazon Payments!

This new service allows you to send and receive money through both your mobile phone and the TextPayMe website. Once you have registered with the new TextPayMe service, you can make secure payments from your mobile phone and the website to most US mobile phones or email addresses. TextPayMe does not charge any fees to you or the recipient when you send a payment using the new TextPayMe Service. For the next 60 days, you may continue to access your existing TextPayMe service to send and receive money with other existing TextPayMe users. We are working very hard to enable you to move your balance over to the new service as soon as possible. In the mean time, you can signup for the new service at http://textpayme.amazon.com. Once we are ready to move your existing balance over, you will be notified that your existing TextPayMe balance can be transferred.

Below are answers to some commonly-asked questions:

What is happening to TextPayMe?
We have redesigned TextPayMe to use the Amazon Payments platform. The new site is available at http://textpayme.amazon.com. You can sign up for a new account at the new site today. In addition to sending and receiving money on the website and on your phone, you will also be able to instantly withdraw your money into an Amazon.com Gift Certificate. This means that you will have faster access to your stored value in your account.

What about my existing TextPayMe balance?
You can continue to use the old TextPayMe service for the next 60 days. We are working very hard to complete our upgrade service so that you can transfer your existing TextPayMe balance over to the new system. If you do not wish to migrate to a new TextPayMe account, you should withdraw or use your balance in the next 60 days.

How do I login to my existing TextPayMe service?
Effectively immediately, users visiting www.textpayme.com will be redirected to the new service. Users who signed up for TextPayMe service prior to 10/2/07 can access their account at http://legacy.textpayme.com.

Can I have an account in both the legacy and the new TextPayMe Service?
Yes, you can have two accounts in both the legacy and the new TextPayMe service. It will not affect the upgrade process at all. In fact, you are encouraged to signup for the new service to try it out. For a limited time, we are offering a $5 signup bonus for the new TextPayMe service.

Please visit www.textpayme.com for more information on the promotion.

Where has the time gone! Has it really been 4 whole months since my last post here?? Well I’ll do my best to make up for lost time.

I’m bursting with little tech tools and snippits that I’ve stumbled upon in the past weeks and months so I’ll jump right in…

I ran across a new website called tagspage.com, where you can purchase a tag that points to any website of your choosing. The premise behind the site idea was the Million Dollar Home Page project started by that kid in England, whom received rediculous coverage last year and earned himself a cool million in moolah.

The <tags>page is built along those same lines but instead of purchasing graphic pixel space, people buy word tags in customizable color and size. The <tags>page also has a page rank of 7, which is considered by many, to be Google gold. A page rank of 7 on Google means the site is hugely popular and contains very relevant and legitamite content. Gaining a page rank of 7 takes a long time and a lot of hard work. The basic idea behind Google’s page rank system is that good sites tend to link to other good sites. It’s like a popularity contest… the friends of good people must also be good people, and so on. Tags can only be purchased once.

It’s an interesting idea and we’ll have to see how it goes. My curiousity couldn’t stand to be left out, so I purchased a medium font tag for $45. The listing is good for a year. I purchased Xango and linked it to another pet-project site that I maintain called www.XangoRed.com.

Like they say in the real world, if you can’t win your friends… buy them… or something like that :)

Check out the <tags>page.com website: Link to PageRank 7 Directory – Get tagged!

Web 2.0

Do you ever wonder what is "Web 2.0"? Here is a good quick how-to guide for designing your website in web 2.0.

If I had to sum up "Web 2.0" design in one word, it would have to be "simplicity", so that’s where we’ll start.

Jump to www.webdesignfromscratch.com for the complete guide.

Via Micro Persuasion. 35 ways you can use RSS today.

This post at Micro Persuasion is a good starter list for seeing the innovative ways you can use RSS syndicated feeds in your everyday life. A lot of people don’t use or understand RSS feeds and so they really have no sense of what is possible with them. Think of RSS feeds as very portable information or content that you can subscribe to, much like the old stock exchange ticker tapes. The information is pushed to you as it is created. Rather then visiting a website for information, the content of that website is stripped of it’s design, packaged up in an XML type file and then delivered to you automatically as a subscriber. It keeps you up-to-date on all your favorite information and searches in real-time. Think of RSS as your very own personal team of newspaper reporters running around the Internet gathering all of the stories and news that you are interested in and reporting it back to you instantly.

Read the full list of 35 ways you can use RSS today.

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RSS subscribe buttonsThis is one of the coolest WordPress plugins I’ve run across in a while. I’m sure you’ve seen other blogs where they offer a long list of RSS subscribe buttons that provide the viewer with a slew of choices to grab their RSS/XML feed. Well now, instead of cutting and pasting the code for each site such as Bloglines, FeedBurner, My Yahoo, Google, and Feedster, and then manually saving and uploading each subscribe button, you can just install this plugin, add your RSS feed URL and voila, it automatically generates the feeds in the correct format for each subscription service.

You can see the results of the auto-generated buttons on our RSS Syndication page.

To grab the WordPress plugin, visit http://www.twistermc.com/shake/wordpress-chicklet.php.

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Here’s another quick how-to for MIVA Merchant version 4.24, using the OpenUI Look & Feel module and the Viking Coders Product Page Templates module.

I needed a way to check the contents of a MIVA custom field (not the fields created with the Viking Coders Additional Product Fields Manager) but rather those created within the default MIVA custom product fields screen.

Essentially, it involves adding a simple if statement to check if the product field equals a certain value, and then outputting a block of text to the screen. In this example, I want to check the custom product field called ZILLABRAND and see if it was equal to Xterra. If it does contain that value, then I want to display some additional text about that brand.

Here is the code:

%IF(g.OUI_Xproducts:ZILLABRAND EQ 'Xterra')%
<BR><div style="font-family:verdana, arial; font-size:10px;">Sizing Tips: Xterra Wetsuits are running small this year. If you are at the high end of height or weight, please choose next size up. Contact us for additional assistance.</div>

Basically this calls the value of the fields using the ACTION command and then checks the value of the ZILLABRAND field (previously created). I also added a div around the output to format the display of the text.

Also, make sure to put the required %OUI% at the very top line in the product page template module.

I was able to gather most of this information from the not-so-informative user forums at the OpenUI website – http://www.openui.org/openui_forum.php

Again, this example uses the Product Page Templates module available at Viking Coders.

Hope this helps.

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This post covers integrating the custom fields created in the Viking Coders Additional Product Fields module with the Category Page Templates and Product Page Templates modules. All of these modules and the code below require the use of the OpenUI module.

Read the rest of this entry »

Much of the work I do for clients revolves around the MIVA Merchant shopping cart platform, both versions 4.x and the new 5. While we don’t offer the MIVA shopping cart here at Pezland, we do support development of MIVA cart based businesses.

Over the course of the past 5 years of building and programming MIVA carts, I’ve fought through and eventually learned a long list of hacks, tweaks and customizations that are immensely valuable for the MIVA store owner. My hope is to be able to document some of those tricks and pointers here.

MIVA Merchant shopping cartFor more information on the MIVA shopping cart platform, visit the official MIVA website at www.miva.com.

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